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Travertine floor cleaning, Limestone floor cleaning

Limestone cleaning

Limestone floor cleaning Yorkshire and South Yorkshire

Limestone floors can need special care and attention, because they are basically calcium they are sensitive to a some cleaning products, we have been cleaning limestone for many years and know the best treatments to get the your floor looking like new safely, we clean, polish and seal all limestone flooring.

Travertine floor cleaning

travertine floor cleaning South Yorkshire

As with limestone travertine is calcium and special care is needed to clean safely, we clean using our safe cleaning systems that deep clean then we use a diamond cleaning and polishing system that removes a small amount of the floors surface revealing new stone, we then can re-finish to your required level of sheen.

Grout cleaning

travertine floor cleaning Lincolnshire

When we are cleaning your travertine or Limestone floor we also pay special attention to the grout lines as this can often let the floor down as much as the tile its self, we often do work to floors where the client feels the grout may need replacing but after our cleaning process it usually looks as good as new.


travertine floor cleaning Derbyshire

When we have cleaned your limestone or travertine floor we normally refinish the surface of the stone back to the original finish, we can also finish the floor to a higher gloss level or even tone the gloss level down, matt, satin, super high gloss on most floor we can polish to what ever level you require.

Sealing stone floors

sealing stone floors in Nottingham Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire

Sealing your natural stone or tiled floor  can help prevent penetration of soiling and spillage into the stone or tiles surface, this will help the floor look great longer, we only use premium quality specialist sealing products!

Where do we cover

travertine floor cleaning in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire

Stone floor cleaning Nottingham

Stone floor cleaning Nottinghamshire

Stone floor cleaning Derbyshire

Stone floor cleaning Warwickshire

Stone floor cleaning Leicestershire

Stone floor cleaning Lincolnshire

Stone floor cleaning South Yorkshire

Stone floor cleaning Staffordshire

Tumbled travertine floor cleaning

Tumbled Travertine floor deep cleaning

Travertine floor cleaning in Nottinghamshire Derbyshire Warwickshire Leicestershire Lincolnshire

As you can see the floor above is a tumbled travertine floor, these floors have lots of areas where dirt can collect, this floor type in its natural state will have lots of holes and small indents that are usually filled with grout when laid, unfortunately this type of floor can be difficult to maintain with mopping alone.

Tumbled Travertine floor deep cleaning

Travertine floor cleaning in Nottinghamshire

 This floor as now been deep cleaned, we use a combination of cleaning methods on this type of floor, we apply a water based cleaning agent and use a floor machine with a grit brush to get into the little indents, the grit brush will also clean into the grout lines, we then flush with clean water, after this process we diamond finish the surface to achieve the desired finish and apply a seal.

Limestone floor cleaning

Polishing limestone floors


Polished limestone can start to dull in trafficked areas and lose their impact, we can re-polish using our diamond cleaning and polishing systems, using only water and diamond polishing pads we can achieve a beautiful gloss to your floors, our diamond cleaning creates no dust and your floors are very quickly usable again.

Limestone and Travertine floor sealing

Limestone floor cleaning and polishing Derbyshire Nottinghamshire Yorkshire Leicestershire Warwick

Following our deep cleaning and polishing we can seal your travertine or limestone floor, to help maintain your floor following our cleaning we can apply one of our premium seals, a seal will penetrate into the floor and when cured will help stop penetration of dirt and staining making it easier to clean, you still have to be careful as with any surface but it gives added protection! 

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travertine floor cleaning Nottinghamshire Derbyshire Warwickshire Leicestershire Lincolnshire

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