minton and Victorian floor cleaning

Minton floor cleaning and renovation

Minton floor cleaning in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire

We have been cleaning Minton floors for Decades so we know what cleaning processes are best suited to these floors that are usually over 100 years old, many of these floors have previous coatings such as linseed or polish that may need specialist cleaning processes to remove them.

Quarry tile floor cleaning and renovation

quarry tile cleaning in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire

Quarry tiles often require all sorts of contaminants removed such as old coatings, efflorescence or even varnishes before our main cleaning can be carried out, we have the knowledge and the right products to clean quarry tile floors to the very best standards. 

Sealing Victorian tiled floors

Minton floor restoration in South Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, Minton floor cleaning and restoration specialists

Following our thorough cleaning processes we advise seal application, sealing your tiled floor will give protection from soiling and staining making maintenance easier, we have specialist sealing products that can also enhance the tiles colours giving the tiles a more vibrant finish.

The professional approach

Minton and quarry floor cleaning in Leicestershire and Warwickshire, Warwick stone and tile floor cleaning specialists

When cleaning Victorian, Minton, encaustic or quarry tiled floors its important to use the correct equipment and cleaning products, our state of the art cleaning equipment and specialist cleaning solutions are designed specialy for the type of floors we are working on. 

Real specialist cleaning processes,

Minton and Quarry floor cleaning

Nottinghamshire Derbyshire and Midlands areas

Restoration of Minton and Quarry floors

Minton floor restoration and cleaning, encaustic floor specialists

We don't just give your tiles a quick clean over like some companies, we deep clean, renovate and restore your tiles to bring them back to their former glory, we carry out extensive restorative cleaning processes and minor repairs to tiles too. 

Minton floor cleaning specialists!

The areas we cover Central

Edwardian and Victorian floor cleaning

Minton floor cleaning in  Nottinghamshire.

Minton floor cleaning in Derbyshire.

Minton floor cleaning in Leicestershire.

Minton floor cleaning in Yorkshire.

Minton floor cleaning in Staffordshire.

Minton floor cleaning in Lincolnshire.

Minton floor cleaning in Warwickshire

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